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Teen Model Information

If you are interested in modeling, these are some of the tools of the trade that you will need:


Your book should contain 10-20 photographs. The book should include:

A) A good head shot. This is the most important photo in your book.

B) A good body/figure shot - this is the second most important photo in the book. This photo highlights your figure. It may be swimsuit, aerobic tights, tight fitting top and pants or, anyway you prefer.

C) The rest of the portfolio is a mix of business, casual and evening wear photos. The key is to present as many different looks as possible also depending on the field you are most interested in entering.

2) Composite, "comp-card"  or "ZED" card.

The composite is the models business card. The card contains 3-5 photographs. One head shot, the rest should show your different "looks".

3) Basic knowledge of the proper use of make-up.

Sadly, too many women have an incorrect idea that more make up is better. The truth of the matter is that, the least amount of make up a model uses, the better.

Learn to use only enough make-up to dull the shine of the face and/or cover any "blemishes" (though, this can be done with simple computer retouching techniques). Practice using subtle shades of eye liner and eye shadow, if possible stay away from heavy colors, especially when using lip liners. Avoid trying to look like the models you see in magazines like "Vogue" their make up is professionally applied by experts who know exactly what colors to use for the garment or mood that is the subject of the photo shoot.

Some helpful points:

Do not have your whole portfolio shot in one session. Much as we photographers love having a model show our work, it is YOU that the portfolio is marketing and by shooting in different sessions your book will show many different looks. More on the portfolio later.

Find a segment of the modeling market that you will fit into and market yourself to that segment. If you are 5'2", then you will not fit in the "high fashion" market (high fashion models need to be at least 5'9" for the most part).

Here is some recent Good News:

At this point in time, many advertisers and companies are looking for NEW Models to promote their products or company. Television and film producers are also trying to find "Fresh Faces" for various roles, as well as for advertising. If you are serious about becoming a model, NOW is the best time to start.